Unless we take drastic action about a quarter of the earth's species (more than a quarter of the large predators) will disappear by the year 2020. Stichting The Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation (TWWF) has been established to help save some of these animal species that are threatened with extinction.

We are glad you have chosen to visit our site and now invite you to click on one of the threatened species illustrated on the left. Perhaps you'd like to know more about us (General) or about the sort of organizations and individuals we work with (Partners). We are involved in all sorts of wildlife conservation programs (Projects), and hope you might be able to help us with money or energy. Perhaps we could help your own wildlife project along (Grants). If you'd like to give us your ideas or views, please send us an email (Contact us). TWWF is a new foundation (established in 2001) and needs all the assistance you can give us to help save some of the world's most splendid creatures.
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