Bili Coffee Project:

5th Update Bili - May 2006

2005 has not been an easy year.
A combination of political, climatic and administrative instability has prevented us from shipping out to Europe the coffee beans harvested in 2003 . These beans, bought from the farmers in the Bili region, we have since had to dispose of in in the Central African Republic.

In 2004 we had found evidence that the local population of the areas where our coffee is harvested was continuing to hunt wildlife for bushmeat, despite the agreements they had signed. Therefore, as we had warned, we bought no coffee beans from them in 2005.

In December 2005 we initiated a meeting with the local chiefs of Bili in Kinshasa to explore the possibility to reactivate the coffee project. After three days of discussion we entered into a new agreement with the local authorities of Bili to start buying the coffee again in the Bili region.

The foundation, which is now registered and respresented in Kinshasa as well, has invested in a permanent office in Bili and has hired Michel Mokede as the Chef de Mission of our Bili office.

Michel is overlooking all coffee and research activities in the Bili region and is now buying the 2006 coffee harvest.

Furthermore, TWFF is developing an alternative and simpler logistics operation based on shipping the coffee beans from the Bili region to Kinshasa via the Congo river and washing and roasting the beans in Kinshasa primarily for local consumption.

To continue....