The Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation

The Stichting The Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation (TWWF) was established in 2001 to help save some of the world’s animal species that are the most threatened with extinction. We cannot just sit back and watch animals such as the African Elephant or the Gorilla, the Chimpanzee or the brightly colored Macaw die out. Our children and grandchildren would never forgive us if, as a result of our thoughtlessness, they were unable to see some of those wonders of nature that we can film on safari or see on our walks through the woods and plains. Even the zoos and wildlife reserves, with their many breeding programs, may not be able to save all species from extinction.

Many of the threats to such species are caused by the actions of human beings. The population of the world is still growing fast, so people cut down forests to clear land for crops or to build houses. In such places TWWF works to relocate animals where they can live in peace. Or it tries to persuade authorities to farm or build on land that is not essential for wildlife.

People poach animals, even threatened species such as the gorilla and African elephant, to sell the meat as a delicacy. TWWF tries to find other ways for these hunters to earn a living, for example by finding crops for them to grow for cash.

In some countries animals die from neglect or from ignorance. TWWF helps by setting up new management teams, financing training programs and building sanctuaries for wildlife conservation projects.